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When we built a new elementary and high school science wing, SEHI was selected as the bid-winning-vendor-of-choice for our network equipment needs. Hewlett Packard ProCurve network equipment was selected for its price, quality, reliability, and lifetime warranty.

With brand new network cabling infrastructure installed throughout our buildings, the decision to put in a Gigabit backbone between our network closets was an easy choice. We now have Layer 3 and VLAN capabilities at the central core of our network with our new 5308XL ProCurve switches at both our G.T. Norman Elementary and Reed City High School. Also in place are our Layer 2 managed 2650 ProCurve edge switches.

Working with SEHI during the planning, installation, training, and follow-up of our network gave us the confidence to move ahead with undertaking a new approach to our network infrastructure. We have been able to reconfigure our fiber optics backbone to better handle our current and future bandwidth needs. New fiber optics between our elementary and high school complexes has given us a physical star topology and allowed us to move forward with our “server farm” approach. By standardizing our network equipment, with SEHI’s help, we are also now able to consolidate our network servers – saving us time and money.

During the past year of upgrades and construction, SEHI was instrumental in helping us to achieve our ‘new and improved’ network. THANK YOU.




I've been working with your company since September 1, 2005, and I enjoy working with you. It's really easy to use your website for prices, I haven't had any problems using it. So far, your prices are the cheapest I found. I like your fast service also, and the problems (if any) are solved smoothly. Overall, I like working with SEHI.

Thanks a lot!

Gilda Keshishyan


A terrific company to work with and super customer service from Casey and Erica and anyone!! It's wonderful to get their help, especially when the rush projects come across our desks...!!!





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